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This course was designed for the everyday piano shopper that has no idea what they are doing! We hope it helps relieve some worry and provides clarity in our often confusing industry!

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Section 1

General Piano Shopping

  • Welcome To The Course!
  • Types of PIanos
  • New V.S Used
  • What You Will Find in the Marketplace (New/Used)
  • Pianos as Investments
  • What Piano is Right For You
  • Positioning a Piano In Your Home
  • The Difference Between Tuning, Voicing and Regulating

Section 2

General Piano Questions

  • What are the Parts of a Piano?
  • What are the Best Brands?
  • How Much Maintenance Do Pianos Need?
  • What Makes a Piano  a "Lemon"
  • Difference between Refurbishing, Restoring and Rebuilding
  • How to Know how Much a Piano is Worth
  • Best Piano Finishes?
  • How are Pianos Moved?
  • What are "Gray Market" Pianos? (Kawai and Yamaha)
  • Golden Era Pianos?

Section 3

Retail Shopping

  • Perks of Shopping at a Store
  • Downside to Shopping at a Store
  • Where to Stores Get Their PIanos?
  • What do Stores do to Their Pianos?
  • Piano Store Margins
  • Commission Sales Staff
  • Negotiation With a Store
  • Piano Techs at a Store
  • Movers at a Store
  • Financing & How it Works

Section 4

Private Shopping

  • Perks of Shopping Privately
  • Downside to Shopping Privately
  • Where to Look When Shopping Private
  • What to Look For 
  • How Shopping Etiquette
  • How to Inspect the Piano
  • Hiring a Piano Tech for an Inspection
  • Negotiating with a Private Seller
  • Bill of Sale/ Paperwork Required
  • Finding a Piano Mover

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